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Enabling Android Runtime in AOSP 4.4 branch

+3 votes

Does anyone know how I can enable ART in AOSP 4.4? I complete a successful build and load it onto a Nexus 4 (mako). Everything seems to work fine, however, when I go to the settings and change the default runtime to ART, it reboots and never comes back up. When looking through the logs (adb logcat), I see a bunch of segmentation faults coming from Is ART supported in AOSP?

Please note that when I take the official image from here: I am able to enable ART so my theory is that it is not yet enabled in AOSP.

posted Nov 26, 2013 by Amit Parthsarthi

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How to use java libraries from /lib directory of my app in AOSP?

Currently I have built my app in eclipse so i had my libraries in /lib directory of my app but after including source code in AOSP, it is giving error, I think I need to add the entry of the libraries in /lib in my file, but how?

I dont know what entry need to be made... any suggestions?

+2 votes

I am often confused with Dex Optimization details. Here are few details I know of.

Kindly correct me if i am wrong ? While exploring the source code, i found that package manager scans all the external libraries, base frameworks, system packages, and vendor packages for dex optimization.

So, if I understand correct 'dex optimization' can be done both in compilation time and execution time.

Also, surfing in the internet, DISABLE_DEXPREOPT has an impact over this dex optimization when to be done?

Which one do I have to opt?


while building with the below command

make TARGET= droid -j6  

According to the source code, I understood if .odex is available as part of .jar or apk file, then it ignores dex optimization, while booting.

Kindly correct me if i am wong?. and suggest.

+6 votes

In android generally when an app is installed, the PackageInstallerActivity and PackageManagerService make sure to assign the supplementary gid's to the app. This determines the level of access when an app is invoked everytime.

I just wanted to confirm if any verification process takes place in the runtime from packagemanager or any other service for that matter.

The app is granted the corresponding access from the gid's that should get it running technically and Packagemanager will only come into picture incase of updating the app.

Is my understanding correct?

+1 vote

Please suggest what should I develope (want to write a security application) that provide a security to the my runtime application.

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