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Give an algorithm to find nth number generated from list of prime numbers?

+5 votes

Example :
Let the list be {2,3,5} and Assume always 1 be included then

2th number is 2
3th number is 3
4th number is 4
5th number is 5
6th number is 6
7th number is 8
8th number is 9
9th number is 10
10th number is 12
11th number is 15 and so on...

posted Nov 24, 2013 by Raghu

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I hope I understood correctly, but how 6th prime number can be 6 (6 is not prime)

Also check if it helps to find a prime number
if a^n mod n = a mod n then n is a prime number, choose a as 2. its called Fermat's Little Theorem.

1 Answer

+2 votes

Salil: Raghu is asking for Hamming Sequnce.

Raghu: Please see the following link should be helpful.

answer Nov 24, 2013 by Jai Prakash
Thanks alot Jai Prakash, This was really very helpful.
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