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What is an easiest way to port a PHP Web App to Android?

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I have a web application written in PHP. It have been running for several years. Now I want to run it as a stand-alone application on an Android smartphone or tablet. How can I do it?

posted Mar 27, 2013 by Sudheendra

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2 Answers

0 votes
Best answer

There are php packages that run on andriod but as far as I know they are
only for developers. The install process would be to complex for users.

It may be possable to package up an app with php/mysql but I would expect
there are many hurdles.

Perhaps porting to another language that will run on android would be better.

Lua runs on Andriod and I think this language runs on Lua

answer Mar 27, 2013 by anonymous
0 votes

There are simple web servers you can run on Android, and also
standalone PHP parsers too (i'm using one myself - search the play
store for php server). Is that the sort of thing you wanted.

answer Mar 27, 2013 by anonymous
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