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What is the maximum number of NFS mounts per client?

+2 votes

Is there any downside of having too many mounts (say 400 using autofs)?

posted Nov 17, 2013 by Salil Agrawal

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Similar Questions
+2 votes

Is there a way to mount HDFS directly on a Linux and Windows client? I believe I read something about there being some limitations, but that there is possibly a FUSE solution. Any information on this (with links to a how-to) would be greatly appreciated.

+1 vote

Does autofs take completed control of directories mentioned in auto.master? The examples with /home show that you can specify individual users instead of * and &, but even then it seems to take over the whole /home level so you can't see or add local subdirs.

I have a small group of users/hosts where I would like to at least temporarily mix/match who is automounted or not.

+4 votes

Lets assume I have a system with RAM of 1GB. and virtual memory is 500MB. That brings to 1.5GB i.e. 1500 MBytes.

I have read somewhere that when I process is created stack of 8MB is associated to that process. So, assuming that any of the process is not allocating any dynamic memory or anything, then does it mean that, Maximum number of process that i can create is 1500/8 and i.e. 187 Process.

Please clarify my understanding,

+2 votes

I have plugged a digital camera into my usb port and mounted it using the popup displayed from the auto detect via konqueror (this annoys me as well). When konqueror is launched it displays the contents via Camera:/ which is okay, but subsequently I can't find any entries under /run that represent the camera. I assumed there would be a mount point under /run like there is for a usb flash disk.

Given that there appears to not be a mount point under /run, where is it mounted in Fedora 20, so that I can point dolphin (which is what should be launched from the 'Open with File Manager' prompt, not Konqueror) at the mount point rather than having to manually type Camera:/ into the address bar.

+1 vote

How can I calculate the maximum number of concurrent webocket for machine? Is there a relationship(maybe a factor 1 or similar) for the maximum number of http requests and the maximum number of websocket for the same tomcat server?

In particular way to develop a application using websocket offers the same kind of performance problems as for http requests performance?

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