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Mode of LTE session: How MME will identify that the session is S mode or P mode?

+3 votes

How MME will identify that the session is S mode or P mode ? who will decide this ? Is it depend on APN [from HSS] name ?


If it is S mode the MME will forward it to SGW or it will forward to PGW right.
So how this decision will be taken at MME ?

posted Nov 13, 2013 by sivanraj

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Can u please elaborate your question a little bit more  ?

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As per LTE core network architecture, MME shares S11 interface with SGW and SGW has S5/S8 interface with PGW.
I went through Create Session Response message sent by SGW to MME and found PGW-C and PGW-U tunnel ids.
I want to know what MME does with these PGW-C and PGW-U tunnel Ids ?

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I am new for LTE technology.
Please help me to get understand the role of MME in LTE technology?

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