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Testing Adaptive playback on Android 4.4

+1 vote

According to Kit Kat specs its mentioned that android now supports adaptive playback(MPEG-DASH). How do i go about testing this on Kit Kat?

posted Nov 7, 2013 by Luv Kumar

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It appears that in master ( now supports BCP-47, including script names. Does this mean that with the next Android version ("L"?) I will be able to create and use locales like "bs_Latn_BA" or "bs_Cyrl_BA"?

I am currently running KitKat and I don't see a system property that will persist the script part of the locale name. We have just:

I have tried to set the language property to include the script part (setprop persist.sys.language bs_Cyrl), and the value gets stored, but the script part is apparently ignored. If I set the language to bs_Cyrl and the country to BA, I get my dates/times/numbers etc. formatted with Latin values, not Cyrillic (bs_Latn_BA).

Am I correct in concluding that KitKat does not support locale names that include script parts, but that L will (might)? And that it will presumably have a new persistent property that will store the script?

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I am trying to get video playback running on our board which does not have mali support (HW accelerated graphics). Before adding hardware codec, I was trying to get it working with software omx codecs.
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