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.htaccess and user file/folder access outside public_html

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I'm facing a problem and i don't know where to start and in fact, how to do it.

Users of my website should be able to save their resume files + cover letters on my webserver.

How to make their file SECURED from any hack ? I mean only file owner and web administrator (so in this case... myself) should have access to those files. never user B should be able to access, read or download files of user A.

my guess:
I was thinking to store files outside public_html folder, in the following way:

/resumes/user A/resume A
/resumes/user A/cover letter A
/resumes/user B/resume B - US
/resumes/user B/resume B - ES
/resumes/user B/cover letter B

1. how can i allow user to have access to folder/files outside public_html ?
2. how can i secure that user A has access to his own files ONLY ?

I searched on internet for some help but i did not find anything really relevant...only theory and no really in details.

posted May 25, 2013 by anonymous

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To get html pages to use php scripts, I've used:

RewriteEngine on
# handler for phpsuexec. -- this makes these prefixes considered for php

SetHandler application/x-httpd-php

In a .htaccess file.
However, it works on one site, but not on another -- any ideas as to why?