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Can we use socket instead of message queue?

+4 votes

where we use socket and where we use message queue? Means what are the problems we face if replace message queue with socket?

posted Oct 29, 2013 by Vikas Upadhyay

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1 Answer

+1 vote

Message queue and Socket Comparison .
I guess following points will help you.

1> Sender will not take care about any one is receiving or not.He will just add messages to the kernel data structure who is maintaining the message queue, But socket before sending data he has to know to whom he want to send.

2> Message queue is always local to system.But socket can be local(unix sockets ) or internet sockets.

3>Someone(Receiver ) must be listening to a socket other wise he can't receive the data,But in case of message queue once data is send, Receiver can extract the data at any time from kernel data structure message queue.

Please add some extra points to it if any one experienced ....

answer Oct 30, 2013 by Sachidananda Sahu
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