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LTE: what is the role of offsetFreq in MeasObjectE-UTRA ?

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What is the use of offsetFreq parameter sent inside MeasObjctE-UTRA ? how ue behave differently for this parameter ?

posted Oct 23, 2013 by Neeraj Mishra

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2 Answers

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This parameter has importance when it is taking decision of measurement report triggering.

Let'me take A3 Event Measurement report triggering
This is the entering condition for A3 event to occur.
Mn + Ofn + Ocn − Hys > Mp + Ofp + Ocp + Off

Subscript p - Primary cell
Sunscript n - neighboring cell
M - Measurment result
Of - frequency specific offset of the frequency ()
Oc - cell specific offset
Hys - Current Hysteresis value
Off - Event Specific Offset parameter
(All expressed in dB)
When ENB sending measurement configuration to measure RSRP/RSRQ for specific frequency he provides the offset specific to each frequency (offsetFreq parameter sent inside MeasObjctE-UTRA ).So that he can measure by using this offset also.

answer Oct 24, 2013 by Sachidananda Sahu
well explained thanks.
what's the role of offsetFreq and how can we get it?
Its a frequency offset so that while measuring/reporting for a frequency this offset can be applied and measured also.

Its value is in dB and it is shared from eNB in measurement configuration as part of measurement object parameter.
Thank you for your answer.But I still have confusion as following,
why should we apply this offset in measuring/reporting?
The value of the offset configured by eNB is fixed or variable ? If varies, affect by what?
Suppose think the frequency eNB cell is operating is A.But signal will be transferred can not be exact it will be always A +/-  ΔB so if we will apply offset so that measurement can be done effectively.

correct me if i am wrong .
+1 vote

There are two offsets Ofn and Ofs in MeasObjectEUTRA -
Ofn is the frequency specific offset of the frequency of the neighbor cell (equals Ofs for intra-frequency measurements and is included in MeasObjectEUTRA corresponding to the inter frequency as offsetFreq for inter-frequency measurements)
Ofs (dB) is the frequency specific offset of the serving frequency (i.e. offsetFreq within the MeasObjectEUTRA corresponding to the serving frequency)

answer Oct 24, 2013 by Luv Kumar
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I have gone through spec 36.331.
"E-UTRAN only configures a single measurement object for a given frequency, i.e. it is not possible to configure two or more measurement objects for the same frequency with different associated parameters, e.g. different offsets and/ or blacklists".

why such limitations have been there ?

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While going through the 36.331, I found the value of maxCellReport is 8. why it is 8 ?