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handover questions in lte

0 votes
handover questions in lte
posted Feb 26 by Krishna Kumar
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I am used to old version where I could use the typical hadoop-examples-*.jar with wordcount, sort or any other.

Recently I am using the latest version (2.7.1) but as can I see, there is no this dot jar file with examples. After a search over the Internet, I saw that there is a hadoop-mapreduce-examples jar file. Where I can find usage help for this examples? Available examples, etc.

I am focused on the HiBench tool (which use those examples) that Im using to test some modifications on the source code of Hadoop.

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  1. Consider the situation in which, when the MS initiates and establishes a connection, its current location is 10 km from the cell boundary along the direction it is currently traveling.
    Also, the mobile is moving at a speed uniformly distributed between 40 km/hr and 60 km/hr. Calculate the mean time for the mobile to reach the cell boundary.

  2. In an MAHO scheme, the mobile sends profiles containing the signal strengths received from all neighboring BSs in the same MSC. If a profile is sent every three minutes on average, what is the mean number of profiles sent before the mobile crosses the boundary?

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