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How Does A Smart Home Security System Work?

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For decades, security cameras relied on closed circuit television. That was the only way that a transmission could be seen in another location without anybody else able to view it like on a normal television set.

These days, the Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled home security to be a lot smarter than just a simple transmission. Using a home alarm system is a lot more sophisticated than ever and as a result, a lot more effective at keeping your home safe.

From smart locks to cameras there is a new way to secure your house that relies on the newest advances in technology. In this article, I will explain in simple terms how it all works.


Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is simply using computers to replicate human thinking. It is a way for a computer to not just complete complex computations, but solve problems in the same way that a thinking person would do.

The programming for this is complicated, but it involves collecting and using data to make decisions.

In the case of a smart security system, the devices are connected to a cloud based server that handles the computing so the device can work independently and not need to use a lot of memory.

It’s the program in the cloud that handles the decision making. Things like motion detection and then following an object as it moves is handled in much the same way that a human would go through the process.


How does the camera work?

The camera works as any ordinary camera does. It sends a radio signal to a receiver in much the same way that a closed circuit one would. The difference is that the receiver is connected to the cloud server. So, any authorized device can access the video. In other words, you can watch the transmission through your smartphone as the app connects it to the cloud server.

Another benefit to this type of camera is that it is wireless. If a thief were smart they would cut the cables to a traditional security camera. A smart one is connected by wifi so there are no cables that can be cut.

Many of them are equipped with motion detection so as soon as somebody comes within range, the sensor will activate the camera. Once it starts recording, the data is sent to a server where the video is being saved and can be watched in real time.


Smart locks

Part of many of these smart systems are keyless locks. The lock also sends and receives signals so if you use your smartphone and want to open the door, the app will send your password to the cloud and then send a signal to the lock to open. It can then be locked remotely as well.

Some of these locks also have motion detection so they know when you leave the house and automatically lock the door behind you. And many of them allow for devices to communicate with each other passively. If your phone is synched with the lock, it can unlock as soon as it detects that your phone is within range. If you have ever struggled with keys as your hands were full with bags, then this will be a welcome benefit.



The combination of the IoT and AI have made a lot of futuristic technology easily accessible to the general public here and now. In the case of a smart security system, it can put a lot of control in the hands of a homeowner that used to rely on a passive system that only worked to let you know when your house had already been robbed.

posted Aug 7 by Divya Bharti

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