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What is difference in Long Preamble vs Short Preamble in NR?

+1 vote
What is difference in Long Preamble vs Short Preamble in NR?
posted May 27 by Himani

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1 Answer

+1 vote

In NR total 13 PRACH formats divided into long & short preambles.
Long preambles have a sequence of length LRA=839, short have a sequence of length LRA=139.
For Long preambles format 0,1,2,3 used, in Short preambles format A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, B4, C0, C2, including mixed formats A1/B1, A2/B2, and A3/B3 used.
Subcarrier spacing supported for Long preambles are 1.25 & 5 khz, whereas for Short preambles supported 15,30,60,120 khz.
Long preambles used for FR1 ,short preambles used for both FR1 & FR2.

answer May 29 by Mohit Mohan
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If someone has knows about the radio connection between UE and 5G NR then please explain it.
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In LTE RACH preamble is transmitted in entire 6RB's and 14 OFDMA symbol.
But in NR RA-RNTI calculation specification shows RA-RNTI= 1 + s_id + 14 × t_id + 14 × 80 × f_id + 14 × 80 × 8 × ul_carrier_id

Where s_id is OFDMA symbol position. 0=<s_id<=14. Does this means preamble can be transmitted any of the 14 OFDMA symbol.

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