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Can we disable SPS Implicit release in UL?

0 votes

If we disbale UL Implicit SPS release , what will be the impact?

posted May 11 by Himani

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Does UE has any implicit handle to tackle this situation?

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Because if SPS is enabled, anyway eNB will be giving grant at finite interval, so SR is not necessary?

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While LTE UL only configuration and NSA model, If DL TCP throughput was around 3Gbps then what will be the UL throughput ?
Lte might support limited UL throughput but TCP ACKS will be more for 3Gbps, How to configure this scenario ?
Limitation : UL can be only in LTE, NR is NSA Dual connectivity with LTE but has to achieve full utilization of resource .

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Does NR supports different RAT type in UL . Like RAT0 ,RAT1 etc.

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