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For 3 MHz B.W. in LTE, do UEs have UE specific search space?

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In LTE, for 3MHz bandwidth, number of resource element groups available are 110. So, no.of CCEs = 12. As far as I know maximum number of CCEs for common search space is 16. So my doubt is whether these 12 CCEs are used as common search space or can be also used as UE specific search space?

posted Apr 21, 2020 by anonymous

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If two carrier frequencies are same then based on what does UE distinguish between them. Is there any UMTS kind of distinction based on a separate pilot channel or separate D/L scrambling code ?

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If no Broadcast to transmit at ENB can cell search space re-utilized for the UE search space.

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In release 11: When E-PDCCH is transmitted in PDSCH, does the subframe still allocate the same amount of resource for PDCCH?

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In unicast mode, MCS is very dynamic in nature and depends on feedback from UE while in multicast or broadcast there is no feedback from UE then how a particular MCS index is chosen ? And is there any possibility when MCS for an already configured MBSFN can be updated ?

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EnodeB considers CQI feedback from the UE before creating the transport block.
As per my understanding PUCCH resource allocation is not very dynamic. In this case how UE decide to use a specific MCS (Modulation and Coding Scheme) while using PUCCH channel ?