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What is the max capacity of VOLTE users in single 20Mhz Cell?

+1 vote

How many users an cell can support for the VOLTE call at a time?Is there any Spec limitation of no of users?

posted Feb 28, 2020 by Charan Shah

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1 Answer

0 votes

Hi Charan,

There is no such limitation by Specification. but it might be limited by eNB implementation with below factors.

  1. Limited resource
  2. Different kind of UE's with different channel condition.
  3. eNB capacity, like every TTI there will be limited users support by L1.
  4. Limited PDCCH resource.
  5. Have to support other QCI over QCI 1. etc.
    So with Above factors there will be around 100 to 200 users with good channel condition could be supported by an cell. If we support this much users then other service could be suspended by these users.
answer Mar 2, 2020 by Jaganathan
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