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What is the difference between OCS and PCRF?

+1 vote
What is the difference between OCS and PCRF?
posted Feb 3, 2020 by Akhilesh

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+2 votes

Lets say we have counter 1, for a subscriber1, configured in SPR. Lets say this counter1 indicates that the QOS is throttled from 520kbps to 220kbps, when the usage exceeds the lets say 50MB in one month. This is what i understood..Now my query, is does this apply to only GBR bearers in the Subscriber ? And does it apply to all the dedicated GBR bearers ?
How is it applicable for the non GBR bearers ?

Also the PCEF, needs to send the CCR to OCS, i am not able to see how the PCEF is configured to trigger these reports back to OCS. (Is it by the CCA sent by the PCRF, that triggers this reporting from PCEF to PCRF ?)

+1 vote

Hi all,

We have complexity linked to Gy and Gx interfaces.

Let's say that we have two rules configured as static on PGW with :

Rule1= Reports RatingGroup1
Rule2= Reports RatingGroup2

When PCRF install Rule 1 on Gx, the ratingGroup reported by PGW to OCS is RatingGroup1
When PCRF uninstal Rule1 then install Rule2, the ratingGroup reported by PGW remain RatingGroup1 till a Gy trigger is reached (revalidation time, GSU consumption...).
Then the problem on our system is that when PCRF change the rules on Gx interface the PGW keep reporting the old rating group on Gy interface ie: Gx change do not lead to a Gy change similtanously. I m wondering if there is a standard behaviour for such a use case?

Thanks a lot

+2 votes


I am going through the spec 3gpp 29.219(Sy interface) and trying to understand the call flow and AVPS between the OCS and PCRF.

The PCRF sends the the list of Policy counters to OCS initially and OCS will store it against the Sy session. How does the Counter identifiers be identified uniquely b.w OCS and PCRF ?

Because the spec says, If the OCS determines that any policy counter identifiers are invalid, the OCS shall return a response with the Result-Code AVP set to DIAMETER_INVALID_AVP_VALUE.

But my doubt is, how the Policy counter Ids are known across the OCS and PCRF.

Any help in this area is very helpful


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