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What is CGI report during HO?Is this mean cell group ID?

0 votes
What is CGI report during HO?Is this mean cell group ID?
posted Feb 3, 2020 by Akhilesh

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1 Answer

0 votes

LTE Quick Reference

CGI (Cell Global Identity)

CGI Stands for Cell Global Identity. As the name implies, it is a specific ID which can uniquely identify a cell in the whole world. Cell Identity (CI) and Cell Global Identification (CGI), CGI is made up of multiple components.

As you know, MCC + MNC is PLMN. From MCC, you can figure out in which country the cell is located. From MNC, you can figure out which network operator it belongs to. From LAC, you can figure out which location area it belongs to. From CI (Cell Identity : two octets), you can identify the exact one cell.

answer Aug 2, 2020 by anonymous
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