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Can we track employee with spy app?

0 votes

Spy On Cell Phones

posted Dec 27, 2019 by Todd Ratliff

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1 Answer

0 votes

Yes we can, employees waste company dollars and resources texting, sharing music and video files, and just making personal calls on company mobile phones and devices. Even worse, the bad ones feel empowered to share or sell company secrets and information with competitors, thinking that they can hide it all with a click. we can do loyalty check very easily. Click Site:

answer Dec 27, 2019 by Frank Hicks
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How government individual tracks suspicious UE in LTE ?which entity is responsible for this tracking,can they block UE (like UE should not able to use any other SIM and which entity is responsible to this)

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How we can get nth max salary from Employee Table (EMP_ID, Salary)

Emp_id salary
1 1000
3 2000
4 16000
2 10000
7 19000
8 12000

e.g. for 3rd max salary, salary is 12000 so answer will be emp_id : 8

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