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Is there any way to export data from Django Admin page ?

0 votes

In my Django application, I can handle my data in the admin page. Now, I like to export the admin page data into some formats like Excel, CSV or alteast JSON dump.

Is it possible? Anyone can clarify, please?

posted Oct 15, 2019 by Parampreet Kaur

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I have python-django installed on ubuntu installed on top of virtual Box. Also I have apache2 installed in the same way. When i visit the page hoisted by Apache2 from my Windows Host machine it worked.
But When i am doing the same for Django pages it's not opening up in Web browser from Host machine.
In the virtual box I am using bridged adapter and Eth0.

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My main application is in Python, that's why I'd like to explore Python possibilities first.

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Can anyone help me to generate SQL query from Django query

  • Like below:

Employee.objects.all() => select * from employee

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