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What is the use of SFTD IE in RRC measurement ?

0 votes
What is the use of SFTD IE in RRC measurement ?
posted Sep 6, 2019 by Jaganathan

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1 Answer

0 votes

Hi Jaganathan,

SFTD :SFN and Frame Timing Difference

In order to understand SFTD measurement function you need to understand 5G NSA Architecture where a UE is connected to e-NB and g-NB simultaneously to Provide 5G services.

SFTD measurements are supported only in the EN-DC scenario for 5G NSA Network architecture, in which the UE has dual connectivity with a 5G NR network and an LTE network simultaneously.
In case of SFTD measurements, the UE is required to measure the timing difference between the Primary Cell (PCell) of the LTE network and specifically the Primary Secondary Cell (PSCell) or you can say g-NB of the 5G NR network.

SFTD is configured for NR cell(s) via Radio Resource Control (RRC) signalling When it is not possible to set SMTC window for NSA UE, NR defines SFTD measurement Function where the UE Measures the Timing Difference of the SFN and the frame boundary between the serving cell and candidate cell and report it to the serving gNB ,The Base Station configures SFTD measurements for NR UE and its applicable for RRC_CONNECTED intra-frequency measurements only.

answer Sep 6, 2019 by Laxmidhar Pany
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In the LTE UE uses CSRS signal for the reference signal to measure.

But in NR there are two different reference signal. i.e SSB/CSI-RS. From this which one UE uses to measure?

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SRB3 is used to send measurement report to gNB . But what is the use of this in NSA. Anyway NSA will not have RRC in gNB?

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