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shell script to raise an alarm when the disk space exceeda 90%

0 votes

how to raise a shell script to raise an alarm o the Linux system when the system disk space exceeds the 90% usage

posted Aug 30, 2019 by anonymous

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Can someone help me.

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cd /data/research_dev/inbfiles
if [ "$(wc -l ff_invoicepreviewqueue1.csv)" > 500 ]; then
echo "Hi," > InvoicePreview.dat
echo " The row count of InvoicePreviewQueue is:   " >> InvoicePreview.dat
#wc -l ff_invoicepreviewqueue1.csv >> InvoicePreview.dat
echo "                  " >> InvoicePreview.dat
echo "            " >> InvoicePreview.dat
echo "Thanks and Regards," >> InvoicePreview.dat
echo "BI Support team." >> InvoicePreview.dat
mailx -s "Alert!! Count is out of limits!! " "" < InvoicePreview.dat
rm -f InvoicePreview.dat.dat
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