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Why NR doesn't support 1024 QAM ,but its competitor WIFI 6 supports 1024QAM?

+2 votes

What are all the difficulty in supporting 1024 QAM?

posted Jun 7, 2019 by Jaganathan

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Why 128 QAM is not supported in LTE and NR while 256 QAM is supported?

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Anyhow PHY is appending 4bits of SFN with MIB payload, but As per RRC MIB payload it is not part of it. Why is this two type of MIB payload?

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In 3GPP TS 36.306, eventB2-r15
It said this field defines whether the UE supports event B2. In this release of specification, it is mandatory for a UE supporting NR SA operation to support eventB2-r15.
I don't know why the B2 event is related to NR SA operation. Can you help?

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