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C++: What is the difference between reference and constant reference ?

0 votes

I have seen at many places that object is passed as reference and as constant reference.
I want to know the usage of each one.

posted May 31 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

The difference between a reference and a const reference is merely that you can modify the referenced value (or call non-const member functions on it) when you have a plain reference, but can only call const member functions on an object for which you have a const reference, and you cannot modify it if it is a built-in type.
for example..

class A
  int buf[1000];
  public: A& fun() 
   buf[0]++; return *this;
  const A& fun2() 
   buf[0]++; return *this;
answer Jun 4 by Siddhi Patel
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