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Maximum number of rrc connection supported by UE?

0 votes

As per my knowledge one ue will support maximum one rrc connection.

posted May 17, 2019 by Dependra Dev

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1 Answer

0 votes

Even I have the same understanding so far is UE can have maximum one RRC connection at a time in the context of control plane. But for the data plane, in few cases one UE may receive the data from different cells simultaneously.

answer May 18, 2019 by Vikram Singh
Few cases like handover??
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Usually, I always saw when UE sends "S-TMSI" in RRC connection Request message then it definitely sends "Registered MME Information " in RRC Connection Setup Complete message.

I am looking for a scenario on which UE sends "Random number" in RRC Connection Request message and "Registered MME Information" in RRC Connection Setup Complete message.

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Can someone please explain about the cause "loadBalancingTAUrequired" ?

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During attach procedure, UE sends "Attach Request" along with "RRC Connection Setup Complete", eNodeB sends "Attach Accept" along with "RRC Connection Reconfiguration then why UE does not send "Attach Complete" along with "RRC Connection Reconfiguration Complete" message ? What could be the reason for defining the messages so ?

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