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LTE why RB is the smallest schedulable unit

0 votes

the first question raised to me why 2 slots for subframe
why cant one slot for subframe or more slots in the subframe?
why did the frame is devided into subframe level
what is the significance of the subframe

posted Mar 16, 2019 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

Firstly, half frame is used in type 2 frame format(TDD). that means downlink and uplink data are transmited in the same frequency. The TDD system uses switching point to separate downlink and uplink signal. If the tdd system don‘t use half frame, the round trip time will be 10ms or more. Which means large system delay. In order to solve this problem, half frame is introduced.

answer Mar 18, 2019 by Sushant Bose
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MTC(machine type communication) has max TB size restriction in LTE but no where they mentioned about RB restriction ,can i use low MCS and more RB for the MAX TB size?In this case why do we need TB size restriction however i am scheduling more TB ?

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If it is RE the How many RE's should be scheduled as a minimum in NR?

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