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How ENB decides the size of Group A and Group B?

+1 vote

How ENB decides size of GroupA , GroupB and contention free preambles. based on what basis ENB decides this information?

posted Mar 12 by Himani

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1 Answer

0 votes


Good question. we have two groups, group A and group B. I assume this means in practise that the preamble group chosen by the UE indicates to the eNodeB what size of (initial) grants it should be prepared to give to the UE (UE has little data or not great radio conditions -> small grants(group A), UE has large(r) amount of data and the radio conditions are ok -> bigger grants).(group B)

I hope i am clear here.


answer Mar 14 by Susanta Bose
please refer to 5.1.2 in MAC spec 36.321
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