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How UE decodes PBCH information?

0 votes
How UE decodes PBCH information?
posted Mar 4, 2019 by Gnanendra Reddy

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1 Answer

0 votes


PBCH position is fixed in center 72 Sub carriers and modulation of PBCH and size is also fixed type .using this information UE can easily decode and see the PBCH information.

answer Mar 5, 2019 by Jaganathan
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If UE does decoding of all PDCCH format then this will leads to performance issue right? How LTE manage this problem?

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I am using one software where I can see decoded value (24+16 CRC= 40 bit) of PBCH data.
Now I want to map these bit wise values to actual information like SFN,PHICH ,System BW. How can I do that?


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Any suggestion and link would be helpful?