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why there is scheduling on one PCC and only one SCC and not on other SCC ?

0 votes

why there is scheduling only on PCC and one SCC and not on other ? how to debug this issue?

posted Feb 28, 2019 by anonymous

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WHY there is not resource allocation in carrier aggregation . there is resource allocation only on PCC ? how to debug this issue

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I guess the EN-DC Dual connectivity concept comes LTE Advanced. But since I am not aware of radio side of LTE, I have a basic question regarding the uplink path.

Lets consider the MN terminated split bearer, I understand that the downlink PDCP data gets split into MeNB and SeNB. But whatabout the uplink from UE, will it come in both ways, from MeNB and SeNB and gets combined at PDCP in MeNB ? Not gone in detail in spec. Could some LTE or 5G RAN people help me with this information..