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Does UE supports measurement report in case of non mobility type?

+1 vote

If Yes, how the configuration will be and what will be the scenario?

posted Feb 25 by Jaganathan

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1 Answer

+1 vote

It all depends on N/W, if N/W information about neighbours it will configure Measurement configuration with A4 as periodic.
So, whenever UE gets neighbour which satisfies A4, it will send measurement report by coming into connected mode.

answer Feb 28 by Manohar
What is the use case for this, If Non mobility type UE gets this configuration then it drains UE battery as it will always (periodically )scanning for neighboring cell ?
Non mobility is meant for station in single CELL or ENB?
As I said it is optional to have either periodic or Event triggered. As per my knowledge N/W will configure event triggered to increase it NRT.
Also there will be chance of idle-mode mobility for an UE.
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