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what does add/modify/release cells in RRC reconfiguration ?

0 votes

what does add/modify/release cells in RRC reconfiguration ? explain in brief what happens when add/modify/release cell is being done

posted Feb 12, 2019 by anonymous

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why eNB sends rrc reconfiguration to connected UE when we add or modify inter frequency for SIB5 on eNB
As i understand, UE reads SIB5 after reading paging in idle mode. Why RRC reconfig is required at this time ?

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Is DRX will by default present in UE?or will it be assigned by eNB?
If it is assigned by eNB,then in which message does it send to UE,in RRC setup or RRC reconfiguration or SIB2 message?

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During attach procedure, UE sends "Attach Request" along with "RRC Connection Setup Complete", eNodeB sends "Attach Accept" along with "RRC Connection Reconfiguration then why UE does not send "Attach Complete" along with "RRC Connection Reconfiguration Complete" message ? What could be the reason for defining the messages so ?

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Can someone please explain about the cause "loadBalancingTAUrequired" ?

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