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While reestablishment How AS security will be re activated?

+1 vote

How UE receives Kenb while re establishing the connection ?

posted Jan 11, 2019 by Karan Patel

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1 Answer

0 votes

The new security keys are generated as part of rrc re-establishment procedure at the eNodeB. There is a field "nextHopChainingCount" in the rrc re-establishment message sent to UE. UE re-generates security keys based on this parameter.
Please refer the LTE security spec (33.401) to get more details on key generations.

answer Jan 11, 2019 by Harshita
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Which message EnodeB will communicate to MME after Receiving the Reestablishment Complete message from UE. what else messages will transverse between EnodeB and MME, before sending Reconfiguration message to UE from EnodeB after Reestablishment complete message has been received at EnodeB.

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Upon detecting Radio Link Failure UE will do RRC Connection re-establishment but to do RRC Connection re-establishment security should be activated in UE, otherwise UE will go Idle mode.So here(After detecting RLF) we are resetting all PHY,MAC,RLC,PDCP Configurations but why we are making security should be there to do RRC Connection re-establishment.

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Is it same as LTE or different scheduling information is shared?

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Assume UE in mobility and RRC inactive sate,once UE wants to make any data connection how UE will be authenticated to make data connection ,because they claim it wont involve any authentication procedure and unnecessary control message then how it will be authenticated?

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