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How to improve session success rate in LTE?

0 votes
How to improve session success rate in LTE?
posted Nov 15, 2018 by anonymous

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Is there any parameter set that can help to improve the x2 Handover poor success rate ?

+1 vote

In our market we are getting S1 HO failures to great extent but could not get the root cause if its eNB side or MME side.

How can we improve this S1 HO failures rate and if there is any feature that can be implemented to reduce the failures then please let us know.

0 votes

After handover, UE need to check the MIB and SIB information, but sometimes because of the CRC fail which stands for a SI RNTI, UE can not check the SIB informaiton, which will lead UE to RLF.

How to improve the CRC pass rate, or some other methods to improve this problem?

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X2 HO preparation success rate suddenly decreased in some sites. the root cause is invalid MME Group ID, however MME Group ID is unique. Could you please comment about issue ?

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