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Does 5G NR device contains two cellular chip?

0 votes

5G NR non stand alone suggest LTE + 5G as dual connectivity then does device have two chipset like LTE and 5G or single one.

If it is single chip-set then how NR handles the LTE PHY functionalities.

posted Nov 13, 2018 by Bharat Kumar

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If it supports, then what are all the BAND limitation it has.

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How Dynamic TDD is realised in 5G NR? How the problem of DL to UL and UL to DL interference between gNB to gNB and UE to UE will be solved in case dynamic TDD is implemented? Is it standardised?

+2 votes

If someone has knows about the radio connection between UE and 5G NR then please explain it.
Thanks in advance.

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