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LTE Software Engineer, Sr at Radisys India Pvt Ltd

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Company Name

Radisys India Pvt Ltd


Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Job Type


Min Experience

2 Yr

Max Experience

5 Yr
  • Must have: Knowledge in LTE protocol validation (RRC, L2/L1, S1AP and X2AP)
  • Must have: Knowledge in software life cycle and test life cycle
  • Must have: Knowledge in log capturing and analyzing tools such as QXDM, Wireshark, etc.  
  • Must have: Knowledge of UE Simulation tools like TM500, JDSU etc
  • Knowledge on Core Network simulators for setting up end to end calls
  • Hands on experience in traffic generated tool such as iperf
  • Working knowledge on LTE technology with exposure to eNB product End to End validation
  • Working knowledge of LTE RRC and S1AP/X2AP protocols validation
  • Working knowledge of  LTE L2/L1 protocol validation
  • Working experience in LTE eNB performance validation
  • Working experience on UE simulation tools like TM500/JDSU etc.
  • Building an end to end setup and test case validation

Working experience with UE as well as eNB log analysis

How to Apply:

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posted Oct 9, 2018 by Ravi Bhushan Yadav

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5+ years experience in development of telecom products
3+ years experience in LTE protocol stack development
Excellent understanding about LTE-EPC architecture
Hands-on experience in using interfaces viz S5, S8, S11, etc.
Should have worked on EPC, SGW, PGW, MME, GTP, PCRF, Diameter, IMS, HSS
Expert in programming using C/C++

Job Location : Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Contact Person: Prashant Patel

  • Responsible for design and development of features in EPC network elements (MME, SGW, PGW) for a pioneer customer in Professional Services BU.
  • Good understanding of general LTE technology and evolving specifications, understand customer requirements, contribute in product quality as per internal and customer’s quality requirements.
  • Exposure to contemporary software engineering methods and processes
  • Understand high level requirements and customer’s inputs and contribute towards the detailed feature level requirements. Active participation in design by brainstorming and considering multiple design options during design.
  • Design, development and testing of module(s) as per the requirements.
  • Ability to analyse and debug technical issues with minimal guidance from the senior team members.
  • Contributes in feature estimations to help develop the release plan
  • Active participation in the quality practices in the project like code and artifact reviews, static and dynamic code analysis, code coverage, defect removal etc.
  • Must have: Knowledge and hands-on experience in LTE technology
  • Hands-on experience in LTE Core Network elements (MME, SGW, PGW)
  • Knowledge on at least one or more 3GPP interfaces Rx, Gx, Gy, S9, S6a is desirable
  • Good understanding of LTE NAS procedures and core network elements and protocols – S1AP, GTP, Diameter.
  • Has strong hands-on experience in C/C++ programming language
  • Development and testing in Unix/Linux environment
  • Knowledge of  development and debugging tools required - Wireshark, gdb, gcc, other static/dynamic code analysis tools
  • Knowledge on multi-thread programming preferred
  • Exposure to Agile methodologies in software development is a plus
  • Exposure to configuration management tools such as Clearcase/ Git
  • Has worked on various languages and platforms
  • Abstraction and analytical skills, Capable of solving complex problems