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Git: cherry-pick generates bogus conflicts on removed files

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I have a commit I am trying to cherry pick that removes a number of files. It seems to generate conflicts for those files that have been modified on this branch since the common ancestor. Since they are being removed, I don't care about what changes have been made on this branch, just remove them. Even git cherry-pick -Xtheirs does not help. How can I avoid these conflicts, or accept the deletions? I tried git add -u, but that seems to take my version rather than accept the deletion, and there is no -u switch to git rm.

posted Oct 17, 2013 by Abhay Kulkarni

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1 Answer

+1 vote


Without inspecting them, you would not know what you would be losing by blindly resolving to removal, hence we do not auto-resolve "one side removed, the other side changed" to a removal.

That does not need to mean that we should not make it easier for the user to say "resolve these 'one side removed, the other side changed' paths to removal".

"add -u" will be a way to say "Record the changes I made to my working tree files to the index". So presumably

 rm -f those files that the other branch removed
 git add -u

would be one way to do so. Of course, you can also use "git rm" directly, i.e. git rm -f those files that the other branch removed

answer Oct 17, 2013 by Garima Jain
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In coreboot we try to check for whitespace errors before committing. Of course a pre-commit hook is the way to go, but unfortunately it is not so simple (at least for me) as the following requirements exist.

  1. Only the files actually committed should be checked. That means running git commit -a, abort that and then running git commit some/file should only check some/file for whitespace errors.

  2. There are certain files that are allowed to have whitespace errors. In our case these are *.patch and *.diff files which by design seem to contain whitespace error.

Currently the whole tree is checked, which takes a lot of time. I tried to come up with a patch, but failed so far. Best would be to have

$ git diff --check --only-committed-files --exclude "*patch$"

where I could not find a way for the last to switches.

Currently, I would use

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