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TAU after csfb call end

+1 vote

What will the first process after csfb call completion cell reselectin or TAU procedure?

posted Sep 23, 2018 by Raj

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1 Answer

+1 vote

After the call completion UE will reselect the cell.

answer Sep 24, 2018 by Ammar Qadir
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What is speech path in case "UE 4G - UE 4G" call in the same network?

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If UE doesn't have any PS session and any CSFB call initiated then UE redirected to WCDMA or GSM and after ending CS session UE moved to LTE network by performing Tracking area update.

But in case PS session is on going and CS call have to be initiated then Handover to WCDMA will be performed. But when CS call finished and PS session is also still ongoing then which procedure will be performed to move again LTE Network? If its Handover then how measurement reporting will be done.

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While going through a article I got to know VoLTE require high power as compare to LTE and CSFB. Is it correct if so then what is the reason of it?

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In LTE all operators use CSFB, my question is if they start using VoLTE then what would they gain or simply why operators use CSFB in place of VoLTE?

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