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How to convert an IPv6 address into IPv4 address?

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How to convert an IPv6 address into IPv4 address?
posted Sep 21, 2018 by anonymous

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This maynot be complete answer, but having worked on ipv6 header compression quite sometime back. this gives some memory.

Google is giving me some hints:
I guess you might be aware that the ipv4 uses the 32 bit address and ipv6 is 128 bit address.

I got the following easy conversion method from the google. (not self made, I am not networks engineer :) )

Lets take the following ipv6 address :

Take the portion  B0A8:6301. And divide into groups of 2 hex characters :
B0, A8, 63, 01

Since it is hex, (i.e base 16), convert back to decimal

1) (11*16)+(0*1)=176

2) (10*16)+(8*1)=168

3) (6*16)+(3*1)=99

4) (0*16)+(1*1) = 1

this gives ipv4 address:
Here is an addition to the question, What if I use a VPN to [Hide IP Address][1] online? Does it cover the IPv6 Leak Protection as well or do I have to enable it specifically from admin dashboard?


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