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What is the major difference between DCI0 and DCI0C in release 14?

0 votes

Both is used for the scheduling of PUSCH in one UL cell. Then why do we need both?

posted Sep 10, 2018 by Jaganathan

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Why cant we use the UL grant in the very next SF after DCI0? Why do we need 4SF?

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DCI 0 has no ofRB and MCS values, using these we can find out an TB size then why there is an extra field which is TB size in DCI0.
What is the usage of this field.

+1 vote

In LTE RACH preamble is transmitted in entire 6RB's and 14 OFDMA symbol.
But in NR RA-RNTI calculation specification shows RA-RNTI= 1 + s_id + 14 × t_id + 14 × 80 × f_id + 14 × 80 × 8 × ul_carrier_id

Where s_id is OFDMA symbol position. 0=<s_id<=14. Does this means preamble can be transmitted any of the 14 OFDMA symbol.

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