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What is Reflective QOS in 5g and how is it handled?

+2 votes

What is Reflective QOS in 5g ? how is it handled. I am looking for detailed info on how the UE derives uplink QOS flow info from downlink?
Also another related doubt is : What happens if the UE needs to send the DL packet before any uplink packets arrived (to derive the mapping in UL as per Reflective QOS) ?

posted Aug 19, 2018 by Pdk

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1 Answer

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Best answer

I am new to 5G but would like to share my understanding on reflective QoS. In LTE, quality of service is implemented at the bearer level while in 5G, it is implemented at IP flow level. In 5G, an IP flow can be served with different QoS on dynamic basis. Just to avoid signalling between 5G devices and Network for the QoS change, reflective QoS comes into picture. Where Service Data Adaptation Layer (SDAP) plays a major role.
SDAP sits on top of PDCP layer to map different QoS Flows to data radio bearers. Whenever there is a change in QoS Flow at network side, it informs to gNB using the SDAP header and gNB forwards the information to 5G device at it is, based on received DL packet, 5G device derives the QoS rule with new QFI.
As per my understanding, QoS flows first changes at core network and then at UE side, that's why DL packet with the updated QFI will be received. There is no chance of QFI update first for UL packet.

answer Sep 15, 2018 by Harshita
Thankyou Harshita for the nice explanation. Helped me a lot.
But on the other hand, I have a doubt regarding the IP flow map to QOS Flow (which more of core functionality i.e UPF). Can two IP flows (SDFs)map to same QOS  flow ?
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Non stand alone architecture is 4G and 5G dual connectivity architecture. In this Will network enforce 4G QOS or 5G QOS policies for the data?How it is handled at MAC

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In specification, I found two categories of QoS rules i.e., Signaled and Derived QoS rules. At a high level what I know that signaled QoS rules are the rules which are generated at core network and sent to UE as part of PDU SESSION ESTABLISHMENT. But I want to know what is derived QoS and where it is generated and used ?

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I want to know, how the AS level QOS is determined.

Lets say For GBR QoS flow1 only: GFBR1 (Guaranteed Flow Bit Rate), MFBR1 (Maximum Flow Bit Rate)
Now that QOS1 and QOS2 mapped to DRB1..So how the MBR for DRB1 is decided. I mean what is the input to MAC level scheduler ?

Im interested in IE level details also

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