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what is SN terminated MCG bearer and MN terminated SCG bearer in EN-DC? and use?

+2 votes

what is SN terminated MCG bearer and MN terminated SCG bearer in EN-DC? and use?

posted Aug 7, 2018 by Prabhavathi

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Similar Questions
+1 vote

I have a question related to MN Initiated SN Release. (Mainly from 5g E1 interface perspective)
I think, it is similar to LTE case, but the SN in case of LTE is sungle entity.

On sending the SgNBReleaseRequest (which has the data forwarding information), the SN, entity starts to buffer the data (both UL and DL).
And it sends the SgNBReleaseRequestAck back to MN. MN then uses this information to send the "RRCConnectionReconfiguration" to the UE with that info.
My question is, how does the SN, know till how long it needs to buffer the data. And initiate the SN Status Transfer and Data forwarding to the MN.
Another Q is, if it is stopped the Buffering, how does it detect the end Marker packet from the Core?

+1 vote

How was deployment scenario for Dual Connectivity. When MeNB should trigger SCG bearer or split bearer?

0 votes

In Release14/15 for to support Dual Connectivity Xn user plane interface was introduced.
which is similar to S5(PGW <=> SGW)/S1(eNB <=> SGW) interface means GTP-u over UDP.

In 36.425 Xn has status report which lost packet range with start and last packet. What is the significance of having those in status report?

Does MeNB Xn has to re-transmit lost packets over Xu?
Or Also in Xn status report we have "Highest successful delivered PDCP seqence number", how SeNB Xn will get the PDCP sequence number while sending the status report?

If SeNB Xn has to send feedback report at interval it has to send?

Could anyone please clarify the above queries.

+2 votes

In the LTE network, as per my knowledge only SRB1 and SRB2 two signalling radio bearers were supported for an UE. SRB1 mainly used to RRC messages and optionally NAS messages if SRB2 (optional) is unavailable. If SRB2 is available, NAS messages are transported between UE and MME using SRB2 signalling bearer.
Now I want to know what is the use of another SRB3 ? Is it established along with SRB1 and SRB2 every time or it is optional and established only on specific cases/scenarios ?

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