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What is Nevow Python?

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What is Nevow?

Nevow is a Python web application framework originally developed by the company Divmod. Template substitution is achieved via a small Tag Attribute Language, which is usually embedded in on-disk XML templates, though there is also a pure-Python domain-specific language called Stan, for expressing this markup programmatically. 

Nevow integrates well with Twisted, a framework for event-driven programming. Nevow had 960 unit tests as of June 2008, and was deployed on several high-profile websites, most notably the official Python site.

Nevow is a web application construction kit written in Python. It is designed to allow the programmer to express as much of the view logic as desired in Python, and includes a pure Python XML expression syntax named stan to facilitate this. However, it also provides rich support for designer-edited templates, using a very small XML attribute language to provide bi-directional template manipulation capability.

Nevow also includes Divmod Athena, a "two way web" or "COMET" implementation, providing a two-way bridge between Python code on the server and JavaScript code on the client. 

Modular portions of a page, known as "athena fragments" in the server python and "athena widgets" in the client javascript, can be individually developed and placed on any Nevow-rendered page with a small template renderer. Athena abstracts the intricacies of HTTP communication, session security, and browser-specific bugs behind a simple remote-method-call interface, where individual widgets or fragments can call remote methods on their client or server peer with one method: "callRemote".

Steps for Install

python install

posted Jul 30, 2018 by anonymous

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