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How NB-IOT device will receive DL HARQ feedback in LTE?

0 votes

There is no PHICH channel in NB-IOT device then how UE will receive HARQ feedback?

posted Jul 19, 2018 by Jaganathan

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I am new to IOT and came across two possible deployment options (Cat M1- eMTC and NB-IOT). I know LTE technology (Radio and Core both) but I could not understand how these options would be integrated with existing LTE network. Please someone put some light on that.

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NB-IOT device uses different Rb coding mechanism and different BW, Is it same ENB supports NB-IOT device and normal UE ?is same ENB supports how MAC and PHY layer works ,because MAC and PHY functionality is different for NB-IOT and normal UE

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