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Please let me know how to trigger the specific cause(Unspecified, Resource Optimisation Handover) of Handover.

+2 votes

I would like to trigger the specific cause on intra frequency Handover.
Could you please advice how to trigger below causes?

  1. Unknown
  2. Unspecified
  3. Time Critical Handover
  4. Handover Desirable for Radio Reasons
  5. Resource Optimisation Handover

Best Regard.

posted Jul 6, 2018 by Christopher Eianro

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We have installed new floor, but the floor has cracks and it wears off.

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I have basic handover related query. How source eNodeB get to know when it has to trigger handover required message ? I mean to ask, how a source eNodeB come to know the threshold values of RSRP or RSRQ or both (related to target eNodeB) , required to do a successful handover towards eNodeB ? Is it due to network planning ?

+4 votes

Table Name : Hist_table

 Shp_cd wt_grp  net_wt  tot_wt
   101   10       9      7
   102   20       8      2
   103   15       4      1


Fact_id fact_column factor
  1     wt_grp        2
  2     net_wt        5
  3     tot_wt        3

Note – this factor table contains rows as the column name of hist_table.
Now we have to update the Hist_table with the multiplied with the factors
For example wt_grp factor is 2 then we have to update all the wt_grp column of hist table as Hist_table.wt_grp * factor_table.factor
So the result should be

shpcd   wt_grp  net_wt  tot_wt
101     20        45    21
102     40        40    6
103     30        20    3
+2 votes

When source enodeB triggers Handover Required message to MME. It just has Target ID ( which just tells about the target eNodeB Id ) not at the cell level granularity . My concern is how target eNodeB figure out which of the cell out of 256 cells, need to be prepared for the received handover request message. Is there any IE carry such information within Handover Required or handover request message ?

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