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placeholder in RoR form?

0 votes

I have a default message in a form ( I used the placeholder attribute).
Unfortunately, when I submit a form it doesnt like this attribute (that field must appear blank), because if I type over it it works.

Is there something else I should use besides the placeholder attribute?

posted Jun 18, 2018 by anonymous

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Is the way (explained at the way you do it? Or is there a better way?

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I'm not looking for solution, but steps you would take to figure it out. I don't have experience with APIs and I figured that catching youtube data points and storing them in the database would be a great start?

Here is what I'm trying to accomplish: when I insert youtube video link into a form (create), then: thumb, link, title, date uploaded will get saved into the database as soon as I hit "submit." This will allow me to display these videos using the views.

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