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How UE applies UL power in NR?

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If UE is configured with Dual connectivity i.e LTE + NR, Then UE has two option to apply UL power which Pmax of LTE and Pmax of NR. How does UE select which max power to apply for both the cell.

posted Jun 11, 2018 by Jaganathan

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1 Answer

0 votes

I think the technology used in LTE-NR DC UL power is dynamic power sharing technology or without dynamic power sharing.
Dynamic power sharing means that the UE can operate with P_LTE + P_NR > P_powerclass configuration .
UE supports simultaneous LTE and NR transmission in LTE – NR DC for dynamic power sharing.
when UE is configured for NR, P_LTE can be configured up to P_cmax and P_NR can be configured up to P_cmax.
P_LTE + P_NR > P_cmax or P_LTE + P_NR = P_cmax
when the sum of the configured P_LTE and P_NR is equal or less than P_powerclass. If the sum of the configured P_LTE and P_NR is more than P_powerclass, the UE can only operate with TDM based single UL transmission.
To ensure UE simultaneous UL transmission for LTE and NR during LTE – NR DC the network needs to configure P_LTE + P_NR ≤ P_powerclass for the UEs without dynamic power sharing capability.

Note:Above info is taken from some research papers not from 3GPP docs.

answer Jul 13, 2018 by Mohit Mohan
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