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C: Increase the value of variable in the recursive function without using global or static variable?

0 votes

I have a recursive function as below,

void func()

Here, I need to come out of the function when counter reaches specific number(10 as per example).
Now, the condition is, I can't take this counter as global or static or can't pass this counter as parameter.

Any suggestion to solve this given above terms.

posted May 30, 2018 by anonymous

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in case if is it possible, how you can change and pls explain with some example.

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#include <stdio.h>
int main()


  return 0;

Output: 89884656743115795386465259539451236680898848947115328636715040578866337902750481566354238661203768010560056939935696678829394884407208311246423715319737062188883946712432742638151109800623047059726541476042502884419075341171231440736956555270413618581675255342293149119973622969239858152417678164812112068608

Now question is how is it achieved for such a big number?

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