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eMBMS:How does ue knows about eMBMS messages

+1 vote

How does ue knows about eMBMS messages. is there any eMBMS specific messages send by eNB to ue before sending eMBMS messages

posted May 25 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

If UE is capable to recevie MBMS service, it reads SIB13 which contains minimal and essential MBMS control information.
eNodeB supports one logical multicast control channel (MCCH) per MBSFN Area. This is downlink only channel and carries MBSFN Area Configuration. Logical Multicast channel is mapped to MCH transport which in turn mapped to phsyical multicast channel (PMCH).

answer May 25 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
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eMBMS :how eNB informed ue about eMBMS session modification? when eNB sends eMBMS session modification to ue and what messages will exchange between ue and eNB with their content.

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Is there any information sent by UE to MME in Attach Request so that MME can find out the necessity of LIPA PDN connectivity ?

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What is vEPC (virtual packet core).?? Please explain breifly and I would be glad if anybody provides source for the more information.

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I'd like to know, if there is a way for the UE to skip some RNTIs while descrambling the CRC of the PDCCH.

For example:
Is it possible to try the SIRNTI only in subframe #5, because this is the only slot where the SIB1 can be placed (if I'm not wrong)?
Or is it necessary to try every RNTI in every subframe?

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