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Can we use more than one mode in RLC layer?

+2 votes
Can we use more than one mode in RLC layer?
posted May 22 by Nandakishorenaidu M

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1 Answer

+2 votes

LTE supports three signalling radio bearers SRB0, SRB1 and SRB2 along with data radio bearers (DRBs). Each radio bearer either signalling or data can be associated with maximum one applicable RLC mode. Messages exchanged between UE and eNodeB over SRB0 (CCCH) use RLC TM mode while other messages exchanged over SRB1 and SRB2 use RLC AM mode. DRB can be either RLC AM or UM based on QoS parameters of bearer.
As far as I know, a bearer can't be associated with more than one RLC mode.

answer May 23 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
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Is There any cases that RLC posts the buffer more than grant given by MAC layer? If so, how Mac treats that buffer? And what are futher steps to process that buffer?

+1 vote
  • As per Policy Control and Charging, we can have multiple rules i.e. rule-group mapped to one pcc-action.
  • One pcc-action should have a specific rating-group Id and service-Id and Qos.
  • Since, a dedicated bearer has a fixed Qos, we can say that dedicated bearer is associated with only one pcc-action.
  • According to Gx Spec 29.212, when Rule-Definition is received from PCRF, it comes with rating-group-id, Qos, and Flow-Information to create a dedicated bearer.

So, is it possible that PCRF can send two different rules say RD1 and RD2 with same Qos but different rating-group-id. I dont see this thing mentioned anywhere in 29.212.

Please help with reference to spec...

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