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Web problems from web-host changing apache configs

+1 vote

I am getting tired of my web host changing server-wide apache config settings without warning. Then I am pulling my hair out trying to figure out why my website is not quite working as it should.

Is there a way I can use .htaccess or other method to see what the config settings are? Then I could more easily deal with what has been changed.

I realize that what I put in .htaccess will overwrite what they have put in the config, but not knowing what they are doing makes it harder for me to address the changing problems.

posted Oct 13, 2013 by Jai Prakash

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1 Answer

+1 vote

If mod_info is loaded, and you have the override for SetHandler, you can use it in htaccess.

answer Oct 14, 2013 by Kumar Mitrasen
I tried the and got a 403 forbidden so I guess that means mod_info is not loaded.
That is not conclusive, since you would get a 403 even if mod_info was not loaded.
You'd need to configure it and give yourself access in htaccess. If it doesn't work, it's not loaded.
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I'm trying to use the new If directive present from Apache 2.4, to configure an htaccess based authentication for a specific Location based to the client IP address. If a client hasn't an IP address related to the internal VLAN, I would set the password access.

What is the correct syntax to have this configuration? I noticed on the documentation that there is the "-ipmatch" condition, but I don't understand well this feature.