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LTE: When UE triggers integrity protected Attach request and when it sends as plain NAS message ?

0 votes

From UE point of view, I want to know when UE triggers integrity protected Attach request and when it sends as plain message ?

posted Apr 29, 2018 by Ganesh

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1 Answer

+2 votes

Initial UE attach request should be plain NAS message. UE can be send integrity protected re-attach message. if integrity fails at MME, then MME will reject this attach. Now UE will send attach request as NAS plain message

answer Apr 30, 2018 by Althi Rajeswararao
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UE is sending Integrity protected NAS message in attach request with IMSI to MME and the context is getting failed, while when UE is sending ATTACH request without integrity protected the attach is complete.

What should be the idle behavior of UE while requesting attach with IMSI?

PS: attach request with GUTI is also integrity protected but it is getting success...

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I have seen many wireshark logs and found mainly two types of attach request, one is known as "EPS attach" and another one is known as "Combined attached". I want to know, how does UE nas layer decide on "attach type" in attach request ?

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Does UE send APN information while registering with network using the "Attach request" message ?
How MME come to know that UE should attach to APN "XYZ" ?

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